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Thursday, June 30, 2005


HA! I have 7.75 hours more to work, then I'm on vacation until July 17th. What do we have planned, you ask?


Well, that's not exactly true. We're planning on sleeping in, and NOT making commitments to anything, anyone at anytime. We'll get up, then decide what kind of trouble we want to get into for the day.

This will be the third year that Lisa has taken a 2 week vacation -- she'd never done that before she hooked up with me, and now she says that once you've done it, you will ALWAYS want to do it. I agree.

What I don't get is those folks that take two weeks off for what they call a "vacation" and then pack up the kids and travel long distances to listen to the kids whine that they're bored, they want ice cream, or "Mom! He's LOOKING at me again!"

A vacation should be relaxing, give you time to recharge your batteries. And for the past three years, we've taken two weeks to just vegetate and be turds. Oh, sure, we got married last year on our vacation, but that was at the very end of the vacation. We putzed around the house mostly, then went to Niagara Falls and honeymooned, then got married the last day of vacation. Sure, it was a bummer to go to work the very next day, but we both agree that we'd do it exactly the same way again.

We're having a party on the 23rd -- my 50th birthday. It's going to be a combination anniversary and birthday party for us. It's going to be quite a collection of people. Fags, dykes, straights, questionables, families, kids, you name it. If nothing more, it should be interesting.

Out of 60 invitations sent, we've gotten 28 positive RSVPs, 13 negatives, and the rest we haven't heard from yet. All of the negatives indicated that, since we're having it open-house style, they may still swing by before or after their previous commitments. July's a tough month to try to get people together in -- lots of weddings, graduation parties, and vacations scheduled. But, if the 19 we've not heard from yet, I'm sure that eight of them will be coming.

I invited Lisa's two former roommates. It should be interesting to see how, or even IF they respond. I just wish they'd accept the olive branch.

Fifty years old...

Where the hell has my life gone? One minute, I was getting married too young at 20, the next minute I was having kids, the next minute THEY were having kids, and now I'm turning 50.

Life moves way too fast -- Savor it!


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