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Sunday, December 11, 2005


My nephew called tonight. My father had a stroke.

His entire left side went numb and paralyzed. Apparently he was alert through it and knew what was going on. He knew enough to be scared, and had his wife call for help. She called the only person she knew to call -- my Aunt Wanda. Wanda arrived in short time, took charge, and took no lip. When he objected to 911 being called, Wanda basically told him to shut the hell up, stayed on with the 911 dispatch, and sent him off in an ambulance.

Apparently he's alert, has use of all his left side except for his left leg. He's had several bypasses done on that leg so that's no huge surprise to me.

Taking tomorrow (Monday) off, and going down to pick up my aunt, stick by my stepmother, visit my father, and generally see what use I can be. Don't know what this week will shape up to look like so, if I don't check in anytime soon, it'll probably be because it's not good news.

Send some positive vibes my father's way. Long story but let it suffice to say that I'm not nuts at all about the thought of losing a father I've only known for less than 20 years -- and the only parent who pays any attention to me -- well, I'm a bit bummed.

More as it becomes available.


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