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Tuesday, July 25, 2006

Tool Time

Friday evening we went and picked up our new dishwasher -- a nice Frigidaire product with the Quiet Pack III feature. Our old one made so much damn racket that you couldn't hear yourself think.

So, Saturday we got up and installed it -- or rather, Lisa installed it while I assisted in whatever way she needed it.

After we got it all in, we realized we'd forgotten one tiny detail. We were going to tear out the kitchen floor while the dishwasher was uninstalled! DOH!

So, we tore out the floor and the luaun underneath, being extremely careful to not damage the dishwasher's setting or it's appearance. We got the floor torn out, but have some really bad jagged edges from the luaun around the cabinets and the dishwasher. Now, I don't know about you, but we weren't up to the ass-ache of taking out the cabinets, so we decided to clean up the debris and think out the situation.

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Last night, I asked Lisa if she could use her Dremel tool somehow to trim off the remaining wood and stuff so that it would be squared off enough to install the new floor in there. Since she'd used the Dremel for that very task when we did the entry way, I remembered that, while it worked well, she burned up several disks doing it. It just wasn't meant for that sort of project.

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Then I had a DUH moment and said "Well, there are so many different attachments for the darned thing, let's see what they've got." I went up on the Dremel website, and guess what I found for $19.99? A mini-saw! It's like a circular saw only it's just a little thing, cutting to a maximum depth of only a quarter inch, but it was deep enough for what we needed.

Lisa ran right out to the Home Depot and bought one and, when we went to bed last night, everything was neatly trimmed against the cabinets and dishwasher. Lisa always says "The right tool for the job," and that's how she came to have such an extensive tool collection as it is.

She's really been hankering for a router table -- my Uncle Bob gave her a router last winter and she's not been able to use it yet. Now that she's doing more and more woodworking, she's wanting "toys" that are more and more expensive. I'm thinking a router table for her birthday (which is September 2).

We've decided we're going to use the same very light blue color on the walls in the kitchen, only a high gloss finish would be more appropriate there. Then we'll do the cabinets in a contrasting dark blue (colonial blue) color.

What started out as a simple re-do project in the entryway has turned into this monster. Fortunately for us, we've not spent a lot of money on it as we've earned lots and lots of points through MyPoints and redeemed them for $50 Home Depot gift cards. We've earned six of them thus far since we started the project in February and it's really cut down on the cost of this rennovation (other than the new floor for upstairs). Simply put, MyPoints is a program whereby you can earn points by reading emails and shopping through the MyPoints website. I've been a member since 1999 and, to date, have earned just shy of 100,000 points. With the points I've earned, I've gotten two $10 gift cards for The Olive Garden, and FOURTEEN $50 Home Depot Gift Cards. Not bad for 7 years -- that comes out to about $720 in rewards.

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Sunday was my birthday. My younger daughter, Linda, surprised me by calling. When he left for work in the morning, Joe left a big box on the computer table chair, on which he'd scrawled "Happy Birthday Mom from your favorite son." It was a gorgeous slate tabletop water fountain, the kind where the water runs over a wall. Beautiful. Lisa went to the store and bought two pounds of Alaskan King Crab for dinner and fixed them, along with a nice rice pilaf and a salad. It was a nice, quiet birthday, all things considered.

I found this cool web page and determined that Bill Haley and the Comets' "Rock Around the Clock" was number one on the day I was born. What was Number 1 on the day you were born?

My son, Joe, works at a garden center. It's been hotter'n Haedes throughout the entire country, with record setting heat everywhere. Hot, hazy, humid -- noplace has escaped it, least of all the Northeast where we're just not used to it being that hot. I worry constantly about him getting enough to drink while he's at work in this wretched heat, but he plunks change in the machine in the breakroom several times each day for a cold bottle of Gatorade.

So yesterday, he sees a couple of his co-workers and "John" from the customer service counter all standing around a Ford Escape. He walks over and asks what's going on. "John" tells him to just listen. Joe hears the shrill screams of a baby crying. He looks into the Escape and sees an infant, about 6 months old, sweating profusely, crimson-faced, screaming and crying. No adults other than the employees of the store were anywhere near this poor child. "John" had already called 9-1-1.

Joe ran over to the fence and picked up a hook he uses for loading things, and ran back over to the Ford. He figured it would be easier to deal with any repercussions on breaking a window than to have to live with himself if he'd stood there and let that poor baby cook. What infuriated him was that he was the only one who had taken any action at all, other than the kid who reported it to "John," and the 9-1-1 call. Just as he was raising the hook to break the window, the fire department's EMT truck entered the parking lot. They broke into the vehicle somehow and got the baby out and began administering first aid. They asked "John" how long the baby had been in the car and "John" looked at his watch and said "At least a half hour since we found her."

About ten minutes later the police cruiser arrived and shortly after that, Mom and her female friend arrived at the vehicle, all concerned and asking what was going on. From the time the baby was first discovered until Mom came out, approximately 40 minutes had gone by. When she cried out "Oh my God, what's happening?" one of Joe's co-workers snarled "You left your baby in the car to cook like a turkey in an oven you stupid bitch."

The police arrested Mom on the spot, while the friend stayed with the baby until a family member could get there to take custody of her. Why they didn't arrest the friend is beyond me because, according to the law, anyone who knows of any abuse is obligated to report it. And, if she didn't see anything wrong with leaving an infant in the car to cook in sweltering heat, then she's just as guilty as Mom.

Someone was watching out for the little tyke, though, if they let her go home without transporting her to the hospital. But it sure as hell wasn't her mother...

They're going to be re-doing the carpeting and painting in my office starting next week. Apparently there's asbestos tile under the carpet, so they have to remove that as well. I have to start packing up the office today -- everything. Contents of cabinets, desks, files, etc. because the furniture will be moved out into the hallway and left there while the work is being done.

I have to find someplace to stash 4 computers with monitors, a honkin' sized network printer, and our $800 chairs so that none of them grow legs and walk away while the work is being done.

Without an office for more than a week and a half, I'm not sure what I'm going to be doing, or what the faculty will do either, for that matter. The idiots I work for are clueless, believing that the "warm breathing body" concept applies to our department, so I guess things are just going to have to pile up until I get back to them after the ruckus is over.

So, appearances here may be sporadic.

Best to all!


  • At 7/31/2006 1:31 PM, Blogger patti_cake said…

    OMG Pat I cannot believe someone would leave a child in a car, never mind in broiling heat. I hope the bitch went to Jail and has to pay a stiff fine. Oh and her kid gets taken away from her. Someone that stupid should not procreate.


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