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Tuesday, September 13, 2005

Back by popular demand

After a summer hiatus, we're ready to resume the "Dyke Film Fest." This week's movie will be Bound, starring Jennifer Tilly, Gina Gershon, and Joe Pantoliano. Gina Gershon plays "Corky," an ex-con hired to do some remodeling in the building where "Violet" (Tilly) and her boyfriend live. The two women are immediately attracted to each other, and devise a scheme. There's some HOT scenes in this movie!

Also, since Queer as Folk has ended, we're bouncing around the idea of a QAF-Fest -- we have the DVDs for the first 3 seasons, another couple has season 4 and, perhaps by the time we work our way through the first 4 seasons, season 5 will be out. We also agree that The L Word would be worth re-visiting, too, since every single one of us has an away message on instant messaging software saying something about not wanting to be disturbed because The L Word is on. We have the complete set of season 1, and I think season 2 is now out.

Between the two, my absolute favorite is/was QAF. I was majorly bumming about it ending, but it was it's time. Perhaps in the future, a movie "update" would be appropriate, but I suppose there's only so much Babylon and married bliss that can be written about. Ted would always be alone, and self-deprecating. Brian would always be...Brian. Michael and Ben would become boring. Melanie and Lindsey moved to Canada. Emmett will always be looking for Mr. Right, and Debbie will continue to wait tables and throw zingers at the patrons. I know, but that doesn't mean I won't miss the gang.

I'm still flying solo at work (since early April) and things are starting to heat up, so I may not be able to update here very frequently for a little while.


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