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Wednesday, September 07, 2005


Complaint: This is ridiculous, gas over $3 a gallon!
Retort: At least you have a vehicle, a home, and a job to go to. If you lived in New Orleans, you wouldn't even have that, much less food, electricity, running water, and clothing.

Frankly, I'm not happy about gas being $3.39 a gallon, either, but I'm thankful that I have what those in Louisiana, Alabama, and Mississippi no longer have. Gas for my auto is a luxury -- food, clothing, shelter are all basic needs that some of these folks cannot even meet.

I think that what many people just don't seem to comprehend is that, not only did these people lose their homes, but many of them lost their jobs and any opportunity to work to earn money to survive with only basic needs being met. I'm horrified by the devastation caused by that hurricane. I'm horrified by the stupidity of people in the disaster zones, shooting at law enforcement and rescue workers. What the hell is wrong with them? I'm horrified at how "the system" failed the victims of this disaster. I read an article a couple of days ago where Chimpy (Dubya) took a photo opportunity when he was down there gawking around -- a woman said to him "My baby needs clothes, I have nothing." He hugged her, mugged for the camera, then told her to go to the Salvation Army, they'd help. You want to impress me you frickin' moron? Take out your wallet and empty it into the woman's hands. Don't tell her to find the Salvation Army that may or may not still be standing, without any means of traveling to the place, and without any knowledge of whether the place has been picked clean already.

Our President is clueless -- but no surprise there.

We've put our names on the list to provide housing for victims of Hurrican Katrina, even though we're so far removed from it. I don't know how much we can afford, along the lines of supporting them, but I do know that I'd be grateful for someone to take a risk to take me and mine in were I in the same situation.


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