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Tuesday, October 24, 2006

Code id by doze

I hab a code id by doze and I can't dalk dorbal.

The good news is that this is the first full-blown cold I've had since I quit smoking 8 years ago. Over the past eight years I've had a few instances of some mild congestion and light sniffles, but I've fought them off within a day and not gotten sick. No such luck this time. But hey, once every eight years isn't so tough, right?

The bad news is that this has hit me from every direction. Bleeding sinuses, painful pressure in my ears, headache, nose running so bad I can't keep up with it (and the requisite raw, red spot under the nose), even my teeth and jaw hurt.

Yeah, I'm staying home today. *sniffle*

We went to the Home Depot's Ladies' Night last night. They were completely unprepared when we got there but threw something together anyway. Lisa and I were pretty bored, as they did some very basic stuff -- we wanted POWER TOOLS!

So one of their female employees was standing behind me and I said to her "Enough of this grade school crap, I want power tools!" It turned out that this woman worked in Hardware -- that is, where the tools are. She said "I'll be right back" and in a few minutes brought back the coolest little palm-sized cordless screwdriver. It comes with a 34 piece bit set and you can either get it in a storage tin (like you get with Christmas cookies) or a cary case. Here's the cool part -- it will hold a charge for up to EIGHTEEN MONTHS!

Now, I don't know about you but it seems like every single time I want to use the cordless screwdriver, it needs a charge.

Oh, another cool tool we saw as we were wandering around was this adjustable wrench made by Black and Decker. There's a "slide" mechanism on the side where you push either up or down and it automatically adjusts the size of the wrench ONTO THE BOLT! Too cool! How many times have you had to stop, adjust your wrench, try it, adjust it more, etc. before you can do the job?

I'm thinking that Lisa and I both need this tool in our tool bags for our business. The palm-sized cordless is something that I'd love to have in the house. So, while we didn't learn anything from the "Y" chromosomes, we still had a good demonstration, however spur-of-the-moment it might have been, of some useful tools. This woman also asked for one of our business cards -- says she knows folks who could use some of our services.

I have this little munchkin curled up on my lap, begging for me to cuddle with her, so I guess I'm headed for the couch for the day.


  • At 10/24/2006 11:04 AM, Blogger Jenn said…

    I'm sorry you're sick..but at least you have sweet company.

    That palm-sized screwdriver sounds awesome. If it really holds its charge...then it's a must have.

    Home Depot has a Ladies' Night? Huh. Guess I didn't know that. But then, from what you said, I'd be bored....gimme some real tools!!


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