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Tuesday, September 27, 2005

Bi-Polar Broncos

Can't believe the Broncos actually put a whuppin' on Kansas City last night. I actually picked KC to win in the pool I play in.

Plummer went 13/18 for 152 yards -- hardly a sterling performance, but the team as a whole posted 221 rushing yards, compared to KC's 74. Denver has always had a ground game. Well, not always. I remember the days of Sammy Winder when I used to say that he thought the object of the game was once he got the ball, find as many of the opposing team's jerseys as he can in one spot, then run toward them. That was in Elway's early years. Bobby Humphries looked like he might be the savior, but turned in only mediocre performances as well. Then along came Terrell Davis and, since then, Denver has had the corner on running backs. Portis, Gary, Anderson, Droughns, Bell...

As Chimpy flies into Texas to see what kind of damage Rita did to his beloved oil and gas industry, he tells Americans to "...not drive so much." We're supposed to conserve gas, and not drive unnecessarily. This as he flies over for a look-see. Wonder how much fuel Air Force One consumes. Wonder how much fuel the presidential entourage consumes when he moves from one place to the other?

"Don't do as I do, do as I say." Putz.


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