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Thursday, September 29, 2005


So, we bought this life-sized whimsical scarecrow last year at the Fall Foliage Festival. It's pretty cute, with a non-scary, smiley face, and a couple of crows sitting on his hat.

We put it in one of the back gardens a couple of weeks ago, and it's been driving me nuts. Every time I look out there, I keep thinking there's someone standing in the back yard. Mary's dogs apparently have the same problem because, when she lets them out, they run over to the fence and bark and bark and bark and bark and...

Tuesday afternoon, after we'd both gotten home from work, I went outside to put some food on the grill. I decided it was nice enough out, and I wanted to just take a bit of a look around to see what plants in our gardens were flowering, which ones were dying back, that sort of thing. I stepped off the patio, and saw the scarecrow laying face down in the grass. I stood staring stupidly at it, thinking about what could have caused it to fall. Didn't see any disturbance on the ground that would indicate it was knocked over, and I was contemplating the weather in the past few days and couldn't remember having had any wind or rain or other weather that would have caused it to topple over.

So, as I'm standing there putting WAYYYY too much thought into how this scarecrow fell over, I heard Lisa come up behind me. I pointed to the scarecrow laying face down in the grass and asked "What's up with that?"

Without missing a beat she replies "I sprayed the lawn with Febreze."

Badump bump.

**Note, if you haven't seen the Febreze commercials, you won't get it.


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