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Thursday, November 10, 2005

Shoop Shoop Hula Hoop

Anyone remember that jingle from the commercial? "Oh it's the shoop shoop, a-hula hoop hoop." I woke up this morning with that floating through my head for some odd reason, and I can't get it out! I haven't turned on my Yahoo! music station yet, though, so that should help shoo(p) that noise away.

I think I have all our stuff together now to submit to HR so that I can put Lisa on my health and dental insurance coverage. Amazingly enough, the Vermont Civil union, the New Paltz marriage documents, and the Canadian marriage certificate are not on the list of acceptable documents for proof of more than a year's cohabitation. Fut the wuck?

Lisa worked late last night, and will do so again tonight and tomorrow. Annual inventory. When she got home last night, she had more than 25,000 steps on her pedometer. And the counting hadn't yet started -- that starts today. No wonder her legs and back hurt her so much last night. I massaged her feet for her, and put some Blue Stop on her hips, back, and legs. She'll likely be a hurtin' puppy again tonight. I'm going to get the foot bath/massager out for her tonight so she can soak her feet and just relax.

I put a crockpot of "white chili" on this morning, and Mary is coming over this evening so we can start working on her legal papers. She wants to name Lisa and I as Health Care Proxy for her, and is still adamant about leaving everything to us in her will. I have some software that is absolutely excellent called Will Writer that just sort of walks you through a lot of things. You go through a questionnaire and it recommends the documents you need. It also contains sample letters for contesting debt, requests for raises, and any sort of thing you might think you need -- even a resignation. It's really an excellent product. Of course, it's no substitute for legal advice.

It's only 39 outside today, and we've already had our "high" temperature of 42 this morning. On the way in this morning, we had sleet and they're calling for some possible lake-effect snow this afternoon. Yesterday we had horrific thunderstorms that brought hail the size of lima beans. We've had very high winds in the past few days and, overall, the weather has been very bizarre, even for Western New York. Strangely enough, I'm ready for the snow and ugliness. At least for now.

I've fallen behind the schedule I wanted to keep in my knitting. I'm completely done with Michelle's rug, including finishing up the ends. I need to block it now. I have one more strip to knit for her blanket/throw and then I need to weave all the strips together and block it. That, I'm sure, will be done by Christmas. I won't get little Brandon's blanket done for Christmas unless I take a month off work and do nothing but knit. So, it looks like I'm going to have to move the goal to have it done by his February birthday -- he'll be three!

I was thinking this morning, in the shower, how excited I am to be making this rug/throw combination for Michelle. She is so creative herself, and has given me a lot of things she's made over the years. I even kept the picture she colored for me just 4 or 5 years ago when she was so broke she couldn't even pay attention. She colored a Christmas tree, and wrote on it "To Mom from Michelle." We got a huge laugh out of it, but it still meant a lot to me. Michelle is a person who gives a lot of herself. She and Linda are on completely opposite ends of the spectrum. Selfless to selfish. Michelle gives and gives and gives of herself, often to her own detriment. Linda gives nothing of herself unless she wants something in return.

She thinks her father farts rose petals and told me that I never did anything for her. I raised the three kids by myself with no physical help from their father for 14 years. I worked part-time jobs so I could have money to spend on Christmas, for cheerleading supplies, or for special events at the school. I sat up nights with them when they were sick, attended every single game they had (whether they were on the sidelines or on the playing field), attended every school function, even attended their friends' funerals with them. I co-signed car loans, but made her make her own payments and pay her own insurance so that she'd learn financial responsibility. I made her help out around the house so that she'd learn to be considerate of others in the household, and learn that there are no free rides in life. Their father wrote a check at the beginning of the month. Period. And I did nothing for her.

I'm sad that I don't see my grandson, or can't talk to him on the phone. I still send him cards and gifts for the holidays and birthdays. I send him about 5 pounds' worth of change each year at Christmas time for his bank -- because I promised that every time I saw him or thought of him, he'd get money for his bank.

The girls all have birthdays coming up, too. Vanessa will be 11, AnaLeise will be 7, and Cherlyn will be 5. Gosh, you turn your back and the little varmints grow up on you! I haven't a clue as to what I'm going to do for them for Christmas. I try to stay away from toys and stuff like that because, between the two oldest girls' father's family, and Doug's mom and grandmother, they get too many toys as it is. So we usually try to do something practical, but still fun. Not sure what that's going to be this year.

Time for some tea -- French Vanilla. Yummy!


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