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Wednesday, February 15, 2006

Now that Valentine's Day is over and there's no risk that Lisa will see anything she shouldn't see on my blog, I'll tell you what I got her.

A beautiful .25 carat teardrop-shaped, bezel-set diamond pendant. The diamond itself is round, and set in a very plain, simple, beautiful teardrop setting. Lisa has never owned a diamond before -- other than the little microscopic critters that can be found in a couple of her rings.

Lisa is no girly girl. She has delightfully feminine tastes, somtimes moreso than my own, but she's still a woman, she still has that XX chromosome. One of those two X's contains a love for diamonds, I'm sure.

She loved her necklace, but at first I don't think she thought the diamond was real. Once she realized it was real, her face got really red, and she just put her arms around me and hugged me really tight.

Normally, per agreement, we don't usually get each other anything for Valentine's Day. We sort of think that, if the relationship is good, every day is Valentine's Day. But, Lisa's never had a relationship last past 5 years and, since this is the year of our 5th anniversary of being together, I wanted her to look back on that 5th year with a huge, shit-eating grin on her face, rather than the end of yet another relationship. I told her last night that I'd like to shoot for 5 DECADES together. It'll be a real trick for me, as I need to live to 95, but what the hey, I'll give 'er a shot!

My father is likely going to jail -- having his bail revoked.

He continues to harass Le, via other people. He's had my asshole nephew and/or his wife drive by Le's place and write down license numbers of vehicles that are there. Given the resources my father has developed over the years he repossessed vehicles, running license plates through DMV is an easy task for him.

He called me yesterday, and asked me who the guy was that was living with Le. I told him I was unaware of anyone living with her and he told me about the cars and license tags.

He also told me he was mailing me a form from Progressive Insurance and I needed to get Le to fill it out and sign it, so he could cancel the car insurance.

I reported all this to Le, who sent an email to the Crime Victims Advocate. He called me this morning, asked specific questions about my conversation with my father yesterday, and asked me to write a statement and have it notarized. No problem, I told him.

Next Wednesday, when my father appears in court again, the DA is going to ask to have my father's bail revoked for violating the order of protection.

I'm very concerned that my father will find out my role in all of this, too. He is a mean, spiteful, vindictive man without any conscience. If he wants to get at someone, he'll do so, even at his own expense. I'm going to ask the DA down there about a "stay-away/no-contact" order for me, too.

I've had enough. My father continues to make poor choices without regard for the consequences of his actions. Perhaps it's best if he sits in the county jail for a while -- a long while, until his trial date.

I'm taking the week off next week. It's the February break, and boy do I need it! I've been flying solo here since April of last year, with student aide assistance that amounts to less than 10 hours a week. Needless to say, I'm stressed daily with all the work, and often am backlogged. Backlogs stress me out in ways that I cannot truly articulate. In July last summer, ONE job came into my office for the entire MONTH. I've had 118 so far this month, and it's only midway through it. Next week, things will slow to an almost halt, and then they'll heat back up after the break. Hopefully the break will give me a clear head.

If there's any such thing to be found inside of me....


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