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Wednesday, March 29, 2006


Yeah, the 7 words you can never say on television (or, at least the original 7 words). Later, "fart," "turd," "twat," and "dick" were added, along with many expressions such as "boffing the bald bishop," "jugs" or "the twins" and other euphamisms for body parts and body functions.

There's probably not one of those words or phrases that I haven't used or at least been amused by when I've heard them in an appropriate environment.

But, when students stand outside my office door or even IN the doorway waiting for their class (in the lecture hall across the hall from my office) and use every one of these words, loudly, I take offense. Not because the words offend me, but because the use of them in a public setting without any regard or consideration for others around them offends me.

Since I've been flying solo for almost a year, my tolerance level for this sort of thing has really diminished and I speak to the students about it. Of course, everything falls on deaf ears and I'm met with a belligerant "Who are YOU?" or "Just close your door." Today, I got the "...close your door" thing and, when I asked the student if she felt that actually solved the problem, she said "Yes."

She actually didn't see anything wrong with standing in an open business doorway and cursing like a sailor. Makes you wonder what her parents DID teach her, doesn't it?

What frightens me is that this is the generation that's going to be in charge when I'm old and unable to take care of myself. If they don't have any manners now, they're not likely to grow any later in life and, when it comes to foreign affairs, I'm thinking that bomb shelters will be making a comeback. I'm going to start stocking food now...


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