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Wednesday, April 12, 2006

Out with the old, in with the new

I did something VERY impractical today -- I upgraded both Lisa's phone and my own phone. We've had them for 5+ years. I had a Sanyo SCP-4000 and Lisa had a Sanyo SCP-4500. I bought mine in early 2000 and Lisa bought hers in October of that same year. They've been great phones with great features and they've done everything we need. But recently, both phones' batteries have failed to hold a charge for very long and, when I saw how much it would be to replace the batteries, I knew I could upgrade us for just about as much, under SprintPCS's "New for you" program. So, I went to the SprintPCS store after work today and found that we were eligible for an instant savings of $150 PER PHONE!

I picked up two of Sanyo's VI-2300 phones. Our first "flip" phones. Considering I'm such a techno-nut, it's hard to believe I've not had a flip phone that text messages and washes dishes and maintains a household budget for me. 'Tis true -- but only because my existing phone served my every need and I neither needed nor wanted any of the extra features (camera, video, Instant Message, etc.) Mine is blue (matches my RAV4's color almost perfectly) and Lisa's is green (matches her S-10 ZR5's color almost perfectly).

In addition, Lisa's at the Optometrist's getting new lenses for her glasses. She has frameless glasses (like the ones I have for work) and this last time she bought the "extra strong" lenses, with a mind to protect the one good eye she has, in the event the glasses are broken on her face or something. Well, the problem is that when you get "strong," you sacrifice "scratch-resistant." Her lenses were so prone to scratches that, in the end, she couldn't wear them to drive at night as they created huge "starbursts" in oncoming headlights.

We got new bi-fold doors for the closet in the entryway, and that project is just about completed now. We need only to paint those doors, and the new floor mouldings and we're done. And it looks great! I took "before" pictures, and posted them, but unfortunately the USB port on my computer seems to be on the fritz, so I can't upload pictures at the current moment.

And, Brokeback Mountain finally arrived yesterday. I really thought I was one step ahead of the game by "pre-ordering" from Barnesandnoble.com but, by the time I paid for the film, tax, and shipping, I ended up paying just short of $30 for it, and got it a week AFTER it was released. Had I known the local stores were ordering it by the truckload, I'd have gotten it the day it was released for as little as $14. A week sooner, and at half the cost. Lessons learned. :-D

I'm off to play with, and program my new toy. Er....I mean phone.


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