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Wednesday, April 05, 2006

Waiting Wednesday

Today I'm playing the waiting game.

I'm waiting for Brokeback Mountain to be delivered. According to the tracking number, it shipped yesterday and it's at the Drop Ship Express facility in Pennsylvania. Only one state away! I so loved this movie, that I can't wait to get my hands on it. And, Joe's girlfriend, Taylor, has promised that she's going to make him watch it. He gets a "deer in the headlights" look on his face when she says that. I think he'll enjoy it, though.

I'm also waiting for my yarn order from Joann.com. According to the order tracking number, it's scheduled for delivery today! I got my new size 11 60" circular needles yesterday so all I need now is the yarn and I can start my Aunt Wanda's afghan. That'll be 5 projects in the works. Lisa just shakes her head! LOL!

I'm waiting for my supervisor and his supervisor to get off their asses and get the paperwork through that they've been sitting on for ages, so that I can hire someone to assist me in the office.

I'm waiting for a new printer that I ordered THREE months ago but found out a little more than a month ago didn't get ordered until a month ago. Seems my boss let the order seep down through the rubble on his desk and, when he cleaned his desk off two months after I gave him the order, he found it.

I'm waiting to learn the official results of the sonohystiogram I had last week. I'll see the doctor tomorrow morning and we'll formulate a plan from there. During the ultrasound the doctor indicated that he'd found nothing, but often they don't say anything to the patient, deferring instead to the regular physician.

I'm waiting to see how I do with a half dose of Prozac. I had a touch of a headache today but that could have been from the two glasses of wine I had last night, sinus irritation, tension, side-effects from the Neurontin, or any combination thereof.

I'm waiting to hear how many people take this Are You Cool? test and put their results in the comments section.

I'm waiting for 4:45 to roll around so I can blow this pop-stand.

I'm waiting for 4:00 tomorrow so I'll be off for three days! Friday's plan is.........................nothing! I plan to do nothing but sit, relax, knit, and hopefully have Brokeback Mountain to watch.

Check out Chapter II of Chronicles of Yawnia.


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