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Tuesday, September 19, 2006

Got memories?

I was downstairs reclaiming the room that will become our home office, and found this:

I figure it to be circa 1987, right about the time my XH and I split. My oldest daughter, on the right (my left in the picture) is now 30 with three girls of her own, the younger daughter on the left (my right in the picture) is now 27 with two boys of her own, and that handsome little man is now 23.

Good looking kids...

I was 45 lbs. lighter in those days.

I had not one gray hair on my head.

I didn't wear glasses.

Of course, I was 20 years younger...and about to set out on a journey not unlike the caterpillar.

I wrapped myself up in a cocoon for a dozen or so years, but then I emerged a butterfly.


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