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Thursday, December 21, 2006

After today, only one more day to go, and I'm done for sixteen, yes SIXTEEN wonderful days to myself. Out of those sixteen days, I get Lisa for five of them, consecutively over Christmas, and 4 or 5 over New Years as well. I'm psyched. I adore time off with her. While we get a LOT of "us" time, I never seem to get tired of it.

Michelle and the girls will be up on Christmas Eve day, and will spend the night. Since Michelle and Doug have split, and are maintaining separate households, and Michelle JUST got a job (after having spent the last two years going to college), Christmas wasn't viable for them. Michelle had her power turned off because she couldn't pay the bill. I told her she had to bring the kids up and we'd make sure they had a good Christmas.

This is what happens when you get your Christmas shopping done early and gloat about it!

I promised steak for dinner Christmas Eve, and Lisa wants to do cookies with the girls (not sure who the biggest kid is there...) We have some Christmas DVDs that might be fun to set up with the fireplace going later after dinner. Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer is Lisa's absolute favorite. The guy at the left, Yukin Cornelius, is her "hero." Him being a redhead and all, I suppose is why she loves him so. I cannot truly articulate how childlike she is about Christmas. She brings the fun and magic back somewhat.

Then there's Polar Express, that came out last year or so. We ordered it on Pay-per-view and just loved it, and I'm now in the hunt for it for Christmas Eve. I think the kids (big and small) will thoroughly enjoy it. View the trailer -- it's awesome.
Finally, you've probably seen this already, but I never get tired of seeing this Christmas light show -- I think the music is by the Trans-Siberian Orchestra. I just think it's very cool.

I'm not sure, but this could be my last entry for the year, depending on what I get into (or don't) while on vacation. Have the best of times with your friends and family, and have a wonderful holiday season.


  • At 12/21/2006 4:46 PM, Blogger Jennifer said…

    Have the happiest of holidays!!!!

  • At 12/22/2006 1:32 PM, Blogger Hotflash said…

    I love Polar Express, Rudolph, The Year Without a Santa Claus, Santa Claus is coming to town, It nearly Wasn't Christmas, It Came Upon a Midnight Clear, It Happened One Christmas, and Frosty the Snowman.

    I am like a kid too when it comes to watching all the shows I grew up with.

    Hope you have a wonderful holiday. I will be back in Vermont for Christmas and then off to Florida for New Years.

    Peace and joy are wishes for 2007.

  • At 12/22/2006 4:33 PM, Blogger LC Scotty said…

    Hey Pat,

    merry Christmas, Happy new year and all that good stuff. Hope you and Lisa have a great one this year.

    How did the little girl that injured her face make out? I hope she's doing well.

  • At 12/28/2006 2:02 PM, Blogger patti_cake said…

    Have a Happy Holiday Break Pat!


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