Thursday, January 25, 2007

I've been remiss in my correspondences lately and haven't been around to some of my friends' blogs to catch up and comment, but I want to make note of a couple of folks who I'd like to offer congratulations to.

So, congratulations to:

Jenn -- who got a big, hairy gorilla of her own off her back...her now EX-husband. I've been reading Jenn's blog for about a year now, following the story of her divorce from The Idiot with the morbid fascination that one would have for a train wreck -- and that guy IS a train wreck.

Patti who is moving into a new house in the next couple of weeks. A new house is always fun -- it's like getting a clean slate in part of your life. Given that she's recently changed jobs and now this new house, it looks like Patti is making all the right moves (pardon the pun).

The identification process on the remains found was inconclusive so far. They're being sent to Albany for some forensic tests, mostly some DNA sampling.

More when it becomes available.


patti_cake said...

Thanks so much Pat. It's so much fun sharing with blog pals. I wish Lisa much success in her job endeavors.

Jenn said...

Aw shucks! Thanks Pat.