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Wednesday, January 03, 2007

Pat Robertson is an Idiot (and other random thoughts)

Pat Robertson seems intent on spreading fear and panic throughout the nation, with his latest proclamation that God told him of a "mass killing" in 2007. He's stupid and irresponsible. In the first place, I'm pretty sure that the voices he hears aren't God's. I'm also pretty sure that, if he took some good psychotropic meds, the voices would stop and the entire nation would be that much the better for it.

I mean, how can anyone lend any credibility to a supposed evangelist who says "You say you're supposed to be nice to the Episcopalians and the Presbyterians and the Methodists and this, that, and the other thing. Nonsense. I don't have to be nice to the spirit of the Antichrist." And folks wonder why Christianity is constantly "under attack." Calling for the assassination of Chavez, If this is Christianity, I don't want any part of it. Fortunately, though, many Christians don't think in the same way that the likes of Pat Robertson, Jimmy Swaggart and Jerry Falwell do. However, one has to wonder if it's a weak mind that follows these idiots with such fervor, lending their financial support to such "worthy" causes as gold mines in Liberia, or race horses.


Newly sworn in governor, Elliot Spitzer unveiled his administration's plans to "Renew New York," including plans to:

  • Implement a property tax reduction targeting the middle class.
  • Designate an upstate chair of the Empire State Development Corp. (ESDC) and upstate headquarters in Buffalo.
  • Expand state aid to distressed upstate cities and towns.
  • Reform mandates like Wicks Law and workers compensation laws.
  • Launch a universal broadband initiative to provide all of upstate with affordable, high-speed Internet service.
  • Develop new infrastructure projects, such as the Peace Bridge expansion in Buffalo.
  • Fix the state's brownfields program, which helps redevelop former industrial sites.
  • Provide new state assistance to small businesses.
  • Implement a plan that promotes outdoor activities and tourism.
  • Convene an emergency preparedness summit of state and local officials.
  • Expand aid to upstate schools.

This is a large part of why he was elected -- he looked beyond New York City and recognized that there was a whole 'nother part of the state that desperately needed attention.


I am currently searching the web for the BEST repacement for Blogger. I want the versatility to customize the way my blog looks, as well as the ability to use HTML coding, easy formatting features, picture and video inclusion, commenting, and other user friendly (and viewer friendly) features. I am sick to death of having to log in each and every time I change a page on blogger. I'm open to any suggestions. While I have very few regrets in my life, switching over to the beta version of Blogger is a big regret. 'Nuff said.


My condolences to one of my staff members, Eileen, for the loss of her sister. While it was expected, I'm sure that doesn't lessen the loss. Best to you, Eileen.


Here's a picture of my new grandson, Ethan Michael, age 4 months.

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Thank you to those who asked about my little granddaughter and how she has healed since her accident. I'm happy to say that she's healed up very nicely and you can't tell by looking at her that she'd even had the accident. To borrow a line from Fried Green Tomatoes, "...there's a separate God for children."

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I am on the final run of that darned blanket I've been making for my grandson's birthday in February. With any kind of luck, it'll be done by next week around this time and I'll have a couple of weeks to literally tie up the loose ends, do some finishing work, and get it shipped out to him in time for his February 7th birthday, when he'll be four already.

Joe bought me a "how to" video on crocheting, and I believe that this skill will help finish off some knitted projects very nicely, once I figure out how to hold the frickin' yarn and let things flow smoothly.

Lisa asked me last night what I was going to make next, and I barked "I'm not doing any f***ing knitting for at least three months after this!" She nodded her head and said "Mmm hmm, sure Pat." She's probably right!

Idgie has been completely spoiled having me home for the past two weeks. She sits on my lap, or at my side while I knit, and sleeps her days away. When I'm not paying any attention to her, she walks around the house meowing. All I have to do is say "Here I am, baby!" and she comes running. Gonna be hard for her to adjust to me going back to work. Heck, it's going to be hard for ME to adjust to me going back to work!

But, the Mega Millions lottery is up to $100+ million - I think I'll buy a ticket and wish fervently.


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