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Thursday, February 08, 2007


I just got a newsflash that Anna Nicole Smith collapsed and died. Check your news...

I feel sorry for the legal battle that's going to occur over that little baby girl born in September....

Remember that SUV driven into the lake that I blogged about yesterday?

Well, it's been sitting in that lake, with sub-zero wind chills and surface temperatures in the single digits for about 2 days. They finally got it out last night. It went in a whole SUV, this is what it looked like when it came out last night.

It is estimated, so far, that the cost of removing the vehicle from the lake is around $5,000, not counting the anticipated fines from the DEC for the oil and gas leaking into the lake. It was almost double it's original weight (from 4500 lbs. to 9000 lbs.) from the frozen stuff inside it. It apparently kept falling through the ice every time they got it above the ice.

Lake-effect snows are wreaking havoc around here these days. As I type this, I can barely make out the building across the quad, the snow is coming down so hard -- whiteout. A bit more north of where we are, they've already had about 5 feet fall since Monday, and are expecting more still. Simply put, lake-effect snow happens when cold, dry air moves in from Canada and crosses the warm(er) lake water, where the front picks up vapor and turns it to snow/ice.

Just as a matter of interest, these lake-effect bands (or snowbelts) have a large population of people who suffer from "seasonal affective disorder"(commonly called Winter Depression) because these areas are often overcast. Rochester's average sunny day count for the year is only 58 days. Now, that doesn't mean that we don't see the sun for the other 307 days of the year, only that, on average, it's not cloudy in any way for 58 days.

A state senator has introduced legislation that would make talking on the phone while a pedestrian (presumably around traffic) illegal and subject to a $100 fine. Hmmm....not sure how I feel about this. From one side, I can see the safety issue but heck, at what point is cell phone use NOT going to be illegal? I don't know, I think this might be going a bit far...

It's about time to blow this pop stand, and hey, ony one more day in the work week!


  • At 2/08/2007 7:57 PM, Blogger SassyFemme said…

    I've been thinking about you as I'm hearing about all the snow out your way. I don't even think I'd like that much snow.

  • At 2/08/2007 9:45 PM, Blogger patti_cake said…

    I was thinking about you too when I heard about the lake effect weather (even if I didn't know what it meant). You & Lisa stay warm!
    P.S. It is beyond bizarre about Anna Nicole dying. I do feel so sorry for that little baby girl.

  • At 2/09/2007 9:35 AM, Blogger Stacy The Peanut Queen said…

    Yeesh! Those are bad. And it's COLD too! Nope, not for me!

  • At 2/09/2007 11:20 AM, Blogger Hotflash said…

    We get lake effect here in Utah too. I know EXACTLY what you mean. But right now we are having unusually WARM weather (up in the high 50's). so neener neener neener.

    Re: Anna Nicole... I always enjoyed watching her show. (The Anna Nicole Show) I think I sat there in astonishment 90% of the time... but something about her is so charismatic. Her life is a like a train wreck, but yet, it is thoroughly entertaining to watch. I was in shock too, when I learned of her death. Still am. And I feel so bad for that little baby.


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