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Friday, October 07, 2005


OK, don't drink anything while reading this blog entry because, if you do, you're likely to sputter it all over your monitor. I LOVE this woman!

Power went out across campus today, and across the entire 'burb we're located in.

After an expenditure of $14 million to place a co-generation plant underground so that we'd have our OWN backup system, it turns out that there were no spare fuses, and Co-Gen was inoperative.

So, for most of the afternoon, we sat. And sat. And sat. Well, some of us did.

I decided that it'd be a good time to get in my "Walktober" steps. By the end of yesterday (10:oo PM) I had 4,682 steps in, which probably isn't bad for someone chained to their desk all day long. Today I already have 5,537 and it's only 3:30. After work, Lisa's going to pick me up and we're going down to my aunt's house for the weekend. Probably won't get many more steps in tonight but tomorrow we're going to the Fall Foliage Festival. This is typically quite a large setup, with arts and crafts and food and GRAPES! Concord grapes are in season now -- YUM! Oh, yeah, walking. We'll walk the entire gamut tomorrow, assuming we don't get flooded out -- we'll go, rain or shine UNLESS the rain is driving badly.

I ran into the mother of my younger daughter's ex-boyfriend yesterday at the grocery store. I asked her how Keith was, and tears welled up in her eyes and she said "Keith died." She said "He got sick," but then said she couldn't talk about it. Later she confided that she'd just been told yesterday that she has cancer, and is quite scared. I feel bad for her -- her husband turned out to be a loser junkie, and to have lost her son like that...not something I'd wish on anyone.

Lisa's on her way to get me now, gotta run!

Have a great weekend and, if you live in the Northeast, hunker down and stay dry!


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