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Monday, January 30, 2006

Monday Madness


Is it possible the weekend is over already? Yeah, I guess so. We vegetated (mostly) the weekend away and I guess I'm ready for work this week.

We did manage to get some rearranging done that we wanted to try out, and the only other thing I managed to get done was to replace my old, faded HRC sticker with a new one, and a marriage equality sticker from N.O.W.

I suppose these two stickers, displayed prominently on my back window, should attract some loonies on the expressway. What the hell, my commute in has been so boring lately!

Actually, I lied, I also knitted a lot this weekend, and managed to get a block done of a yellow duckie. I decided I was going to make up blocks of different characters and children's items and put them all together to make a blanket for the new baby. Here's a picture of the duckie, except I did mine in a soft yet still bright yellow.

I think I'm going to enjoy this project. It doesn't seem so massive when you do a block at a time.

I also spent some time futzing around with my new Ultimate Sweater Machine. I got frustrated with it because it kept jamming, but I'm sure I'm doing something wrong with it. I mean, when I was just playing around with about 20 stitches and a small ball of yarn, it glided smoothly and I went through the ball in less than a minute, had a square that was approximately 6" square. Then, when I decided to try a larger amount of stitches, it jammed. And jammed. And jammed. I could pick up the stitches by hand and weave them in, but that sort of defeats the purpose of the machine, doesn't it?

In all, I still love knitting by hand as well. It's calming, relaxing. And, I could never just sit and watch television, I always had to be doing something. I'm a multi-tasker by nature so knitting suits me just fine.


Friday, February 3rd is National Wear Red Day. The idea is to wear red to show your support for women's heart health, and women's heart care. If you join Go Red For Women, you can get a free red dress pin -- I'll be wearing mine on Friday. Heart disease is the number one killer of women, and studies show that some women don't even know that they're having a heart attack, because the symptoms for women can largely differ from those men have experienced. Women talk to their doctors about osteoperosis, arthritis, cancer, and gynecological problems, but rarely do they discuss their heart or heart health with their doctor. On the flip side, many doctors easily dismiss a woman's concerns about cardiac symptoms because they tend to be so vague and different from the classic symptom of pressure in the chest and numbness in the left arm. Women can feel symptoms through their neck, their back, nausea, dizziness, anxiety, or fluid retention. Sounds a lot like PMS too, doesn't it? Pay attention to your body and, if it doesn't feel right, see your doctor. Insist that your doctor addresses your concerns.

About 6 or 7 years ago, I had an ecocardiogram (ECG) done and it was found that, at some point in my life, I'd had some sort of cardiac "episode" that caused some slight scarring around the heart. A mild heart attack, and I never knew it. Scary, isn't it?

Take care of your heart. Walk for at least 20 minutes a day, or get at least 20 minutes of some type of aerobics in. Hey, don't tell me you don't have time. If you have time for lunch, or time to watch TV, or time to shop, you've got time to walk or move in some way for 20 minutes each day. Make time.


Ang Lee won the Director's Guild of America's top honor recently for best director in a feature film for Brokeback Mountain. Lee also won Best Director honors recently at the Golden Globes, as Brokeback Mountain took the top honors for Best Picture. Heath Ledger claimed a Golden Globe nomination for best actor, and the movie also won top honors for Best Screenplay. The film has grossed $50.8 million so far in the few weeks that it's been out, but for some reason it hasn't been as widely released as such films as Chronicles of Narnia and Big Momma's House 2. It is expected to snag several Academy Award nominations (announced tomorrow), which usually creates an increased interest in a film. Perhaps this is what they're waiting for. I know that, even though it's been out for 4 or 5 weeks, it just got to our theater last week -- and we ALWAYS get movies the day they're released. We blew off going this weekend in favor of some much needed down time, but now I wish we'd gone.

Last night's episode of The L Word nearly put me to sleep. It seems that the writers have found nothing to write about, other than to make Bette and Tina's relationship just as rocky as it's always been. I liked Tina last year -- pregnant, but proud, decisive, and shooting straight from the hip. This year, all she does is whine about money and expect Bette to be a stay-at-home mom and wife. As if. BORING! And now she's going to have "feelings" for men? Where's my eyeroll icon? Honestly? I like Helena more than I like Tina right now -- and that just ain't right!

Max/Moira. Apparently we're going to explore transsexuality this year. But I like Moira/Max. I think they could develop this character much better than to have her consider testosterone injections and a penis. This group of women NEED someone as profoundly different from them as Moira -- they could learn something about other people, and themselves too.

And Carmen? That girl is H.O.T.! Shane is one lucky dyke. What I would give to just touch that flawless beauty! I know Lisa would forgive me, and I'd forgive her for the same thing. *sigh*


It occurred to me a few days ago that, with all the meds I'm taking these days, it might be prudent to ensure that I have information with me at all times concerning what meds I take, and even the dosage. For example, the anti-seizure med actually recommends a medical ID bracelet identifying the medication so that first-responders know that I'm taking it, as it can react badly with some first responder used meds or drugs. I picked up an order form at the local pharmacy, and found that the cost of this type of bracelet isn't all that bad. You can get bracelets, pendants, even dog tags with your information on them. Ninety-five percent of first-responders check for medical alert jewelry when treating victims of medical emergencies.

Allergies to drugs are also important to indicate on these IDs.

Check out some great IDs here.

I'm starting to sound like a public service announcement, aren't I?


  • At 1/30/2006 10:07 PM, Blogger Jenn said…

    Who knew a sweater machine was even made? Let alone an ultimate one. I had no idea. But then, I still don't have a bread maker machine. I'm so behind the times.

    I can crochet - but not knit. My mom taught me when I was in high school. I remember when I was doing the first chain - that would set the length of the blanket - my mom warned me it was too long and I should consider pulling some links loose. Of course, I was 17 and knew absolutely everything so didn't listen.

    I can be very determined and stubborn too, so I did finish the blanket - actually, the year the Pope came to Denver.

    It's a nice king sized 'throw' now. It's probably extra-king sized if I'm really honest.

    Every time I see it I laugh - can't go wrong with that.

    Anyway - love the baby blanket idea you're working now.

  • At 1/31/2006 3:34 PM, Blogger Pat said…

    My aunt said she learned quite young how to crochet. But that's all she learned, and she said she's never found a use for an 85 foot yarn chain.....


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