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Monday, April 17, 2006


1: abnormal drowsiness 2: the quality or state of being lazy, sluggish or indifferent

Like I need another contributing factor to my already high level of apathy and lethargy.
I have, I believe, what some might call a "food hangover. "

We had a great time in Pennsylvania -- there was a ton of food, and it was all so good that I dove in face first, made very bad choices, forgot the meaning of the word "moderation" and took a "who gives a shit" attitude about my weight loss endeavors.

We had dinner at 1:00 so that Lisa and I could get on the road at a reasonable time and get home before it got too late. We left there at 5:30 and, even though it had been 4+ hours since we ate, I still had that Thanksgiving stuffed feeling. We got home around 10 and I still felt full. Lisa, being more sensible at dinner, indicated that she felt hungry. I didn't think I would feel hungry again for at least 3 more days.

As a result, I'm extremely sleepy, with no energy, and a mild headache. I feel hung over. Serves me right, I suppose.

We really had a great time, though. We had a few tense moments Saturday morning when Lisa's mother called to say that Lisa's Grandfather was complaining of numbness and tingling in his lower arm (right side) and severe "indigestion." Of course, he refused to go to the hospital but, inside of an hour after Lisa's mother gave him an antacid, the gas just started rolling out of him. It turns out he'd had pizza the night before, with pepperoni, and he just had really bad indigestion and gas. I supposed that a 91 year old stomach just doesn't process pizza the way a 21 year old stomach does. I was grateful that he was okay.

We went over to see them Saturday evening, and they both looked and sounded just great. At 91, they both have sharp, quick minds and still have wonderful wit and humor.

We had two gloriously beautiful days, with the sun shining in almost cloudless skies and temperatures in the 60s. We helped Lisa's sister scrub down her large deck and set up the deck and lawn furniture for an outside dinner. We sat outside on the deck and visited yesterday and, when dinner time arrived, everyone opted for the outdoors. It was almost perfect.

It's Spring Break this week, and it's very quiet here at work. I decided against taking the week off because I sort of wanted to work in the quiet that is Spring Break.

Now if I could just get rid of this "hangover."


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