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Thursday, May 18, 2006

What Do "Yamin" Elliot's Gone?

Early on, I didn't give this guy his "props" (as Randy Jackson would say).

But as each week passed, Elliot grew and grew and grew until he reached, I believe, the top. For a diabetic who is deaf in one ear, and his Mom battling cancer, I think Elliot Yamin personifies the true meaning of American Idol. He seemed real. He seemed genuine. And he could sing. What did him in? My guess is his penchant for the bluesy types of songs that nobody knew.

But keep in mind that the margin of victory versus defeat was less than one percentage point. Elliot garnered 33.06% of the votes, the next highest got 33.26% and the highest was 33.68%. It was close. REAL close.

But, Elliot's still a winner because you can betchyer bippy Clive Davis already has a recording contract all set up for this talented young man.

And what about Katharine McPhee and Taylor Hicks? My prediction that Katharine would take a majority of Chris Daughtry's votes now that he's gone was most likely incorrect. It appears that she and Taylor may well have split those votes.

So who will Elliot's fans vote for now? Both remaining contestants are clearly fans of blues and jazz, so the genre won't define them. Taylor is the better performer, but Katharine is the better singer.

I'd like to see Katharin win but I guess I won't be disappointed if Taylor wins.


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