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Thursday, May 11, 2006

American I Don't Believe it?!

Chris Daughtry left American Idol last night. Am I upset? Nah, not really. Am I surprised? You betchyer hiney I am.

You could see by Katharine's reaction that she was pretty darned surprised, too. I mean, there she stood with Chris as a member of the bottom two and she just knew she was going home last night. I figured she would, too. Oh, don't get me wrong, this girl is HOT HOT HOT! and I believe she's full of talent, but I'm just surprised it turned out the way it did.

Chris not only seemed surprised, but almost pissed. And, based on Tuesday night's performances, I'd say that Katharine did have the worse performance of the four.

How does this happen?

Well, Lisa and I have talked about it over the years that we've been watching American Idol and have come up with the following explanations.

1. "He/She is so good that they don't need my vote, so I'll vote for who I want to stay longer until he/she wins."
2. Assumptions are made that he's so good, we don't need to vote for him. Remember the premature exit of Mandisa? I think that's what happened to her, too. Folks figured she was a given, and voted elsewhere for companinship for her.
3. They're not really as good as we think they are.
4. When Simon tells someone they suck, folks vote with a vengeance for that person, and the good folks lose votes.

I think Simon was stunned last night, too. He did, after all, predict that Taylor and Chris would be the two left standing.

So, who will it be now? Who will get Chris' votes?

Well, the top two last night were Elliot and Taylor.

Based on Tuesday night's performances, Elliot was flawless. And, I have to say that of all the contestants, he has consistently shown growth every single week. Oh, sure, he's not "pretty" like Ace or even Chris and Taylor, but there's something very likeable about him. And he has an incredible voice. His one downfall, however, is that he tends to stay in the blues/jazz genre, which suits his voice very well, but won't make him much of a "pop star" if he doesn't learn to perform and enjoy performing more contemporary music.

And, in the other corner, Taylor also tends to be a bluesy type of singer. I can't help but be reminded of Joe Cocker when I watch Taylor sing. This guy "feels" his music through and through, in every muscle, tendon, and cell in his body. He can't really dance for shit, but it's a singing competition so, who cares. My all-time favorite, Neil Diamond, just stands and sings and he's made a buck or two in his career. Taylor can, too.

Next week, the contestants will sing three songs. One of their own choosing, one chosen by the judges, and one chosen by none other than Clive Davis. Song selection will be critical and I expect that Taylor will turn in the most disappointing performances of the three. I only say this because I think that Taylor tends to be stuck in a specific model, Katharine will prove that she's got more than a great set of........lungs, and Elliot will rise to any challenge.

And, Tuesday night there was a special guest appearance by Morticia Adams. Or was that really Priscilla Presley? Straight, red hair that actually looked like a bad wig, a too-tight blazer/jacket of some sorts that buttoned high and to the left, accentuating what appeared to be a bulging belly, and lips painted so red she looked like she'd just kissed the side of a freshly painted barn. Some advice: Priscillia, lay off the Botox and collagen or, if you're going to work on making yourself look younger, work on your neck, hands, and body as well. You just can't have a young face and a body that belies all the money you've spent on your face. You're 61 years old, act your age. Oh, sure, Cher is the same age and looks TONS better, but some of that is genetics, and some of it is a constant focus. Cher may be 60, but only parts of her are. All of you is 61 -- that's the difference.


  • At 5/11/2006 1:54 PM, Blogger Hotflash said…

    I was shocked at how Priscilla P. looked! She used to be so pretty and now she looks like hell.
    I was sorely disappointed that Chris was booted off. He was my favorite of all of them.


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