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Monday, April 24, 2006

And it's back to work for me

Yeah, I ended up taking some time off last week.

My department consists of two offices, currently staffed by three people. Last week was Spring Break and, for the most part, all three of us were to be present and accounted for through most of the week.

Just as the week prior to Spring Break was ending, we learned that all of the power outlets in the building where our other office is would be off for the entire week of the break, so that they could upgrade the breaker system so that it could handle the load it was carrying. Since there would be no power in the outlets, there would be no computers, either. The plan was to have both staff members of that office "camp out" for the week in mine (since I happen to have 4 computers in my office).

So, on Monday last week, instead of having just me sitting there with no work, I had three of us sitting there with no work. And, since my leave bank has been hovering near the maximum accrual point, I decided to take the remainder of the week off.

It turned out it was a really good decision, since the weather was absolutely gorgeous. Lisa gave me some "honey-do's" and, in addition to getting the "honey-do" list completed, I also had time to sit and relax and work on some of my knitting projects.

Thursday my father had a criminal court appearance. I figured it might be a good possibility that he might go to jail that day, since the Crime Victim's Advocate was talking to the DA about remand, at the urging of my entire family. Apparently my father thought it was a possibility as well, and he called me and asked me to meet him at the local diner at noon to get his affairs straightened out.

I agreed to the meeting and, on Thursday morning, set out for the southern tier. I stopped by my Aunt's house and spent the morning with her. At 11:30 we picked up my other Aunt and drove the 20 minutes south to meet with my father. My two aunts browsed on Main Street while my father and I went over his business, then joined us an hour or so later for a cup of coffee.

At my father's hearing, the DA insincerely asked for remand. My father's court-appointed attorney told the judge she had not had an opportunity to discuss remand with my father, and so the judge continued the R.O.R (released on own recognizance).

I know that my father is realistic enough to have had the same thoughts I've had. Given his age, health, and type of conviction, it's likely he won't survive his incarceration -- even if it is only two years. He has absolutely nothing more to lose.

That said, I believe my father is dangerous either to himself, or to Le and Vanessa. And there doesn't appear to be anything anyone can do about it.

All I can do is worry. For the next seven weeks.

Saturday Lisa and I got a lot more small things done toward completing the rennovation of our entryway. Nothing's been done for about two weeks, and we're tired of looking at the half-finished project, and construction dust. We got the new closet doors painted, and Lisa got all of the remaining floor mouldings cut and prepped for paint. I'm thinking we may be able to finish up the entryway by next weekend. Then we can start on the upstairs livingroom. All we're going to do there is paint and replace mouldings -- nothing drastic.

We did a "walkabout" yesterday when my Aunt Wanda and Uncle Bob came to visit. We've got a ton of new growth everywhere, but desperately need to get out there and cut down all the old, dead stuff. The rose bushes are pushing out new growth like crazy, our delphiniums have already begun to "mound" and our lilies are almost 6" tall.

I'm taking Tigga to the vet this afternoon. I have to be sure to mention her "sweet" smelling urine (that we've been cleaning up off throw rugs for two weeks). I'm a bit concerned about diabetes, and I think Lisa is too. I think the reality of losing Tigga is really sitting in the forefront of Lisa's mind these days. After all, Tigga will be 17 this year, and while she's not as obese as she was (she's gone from 23½ lbs. down to a svelte 17½ lbs.), she's still overweight. She lurches and is often very "jerky" when she walks -- I think she may have arthritis. I guess at some point, quality of life has to be considered. But, for now, she doesn't seem to be suffering in the least little way, so that's a positive.

It sure would help if y'all would send some really good, positive vibes my family's way for the next seven weeks, until my father is incarcerated.

Best to all!


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