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Sunday, September 24, 2006

A wonderful weekend

So, we're sleeping like babies this morning when the doorbell rings. Lisa grouches "Who the hell is ringing our doorbell at 8:30 on a Sunday morning?" Groggily, I think Jehovah's Witnesses, door-to-door sales, or even Mary. Lisa says "I'm not getting up." I say "Me either."

The doorbell rings a second time, more insistently. I get up, put on my robe, go to the door, and there stands a sheriff's deputy. Being aware that Joe isn't home, my heart leaped into my throat and all I could say was "Please tell me that my son is okay."

The deputy assures me "Oh, sorry to scare you, sorry to wake you, it's not anything like that."

It turns out that my neighbor had the wheels stolen off his car, in his driveway, sometime during th enight. And, if you look at the upper right part of the picture, you'll see another black car with it's back-end toward the camera -- it also had it's wheels stolen. Both vehicles had chrome wheels. The deputy was merely checking to see if we'd noticed anything out of the ordinary. Unfortunately, we hadn't. I did tell the deputy about the man in the red pickup that my neighbor had at his place yesterday morning, looking at an antique car he had for sale. Not only were the wheels stolen, but the rocker panels were badly damaged during the process. My neighbors cars are his passion. He's furious and disgusted. Can't say as I blame him. The other "victims" are an elderly black couple that are just the sweetest, nicest folks you'd want to meet. We live in a nice, quiet neighborhood and it's hard to reconcile this sort of crime when you live in an almost crime-free neighborhood.

We went to the Naples Grape Festival yesterday. It alternately rained, drizzled, and cleared up all day long and, while the temps were only in the mid-70s, it was humid as well. My glasses kept fogging up.

I had a "chocolate dipped cheesecake on a stick." It was heaven on earth! We explored some of the arts and crafts and found an artisan who carries such unique products, we asked him for a business card and his take on wholesaling. Turns out he does wholesaling and, after he gets back to Florida in the next week or so, we'll contact him to plan a purchase from him for our online store.

After we got done touring the grounds, we drove to the south side of Naples and went to "Joseph's" market where we bought a blackberry pie that was still hot, and an assortment of red, white, and purple grapes.

We also went to the 1812 Country Store where I had a coupon for 40% of any one regular priced item. I ended up buying a Willow Tree figurine for my younger daughter for Christmas

For the most part, we were pretty underwhelmed with what we saw at the festival, but still managed to have a good time -- mostly because we were spending time together and we always enjoy that.

After the festival, we stopped in to say hello to my Aunt Wanda. We drank a bit of coffee, had some fun conversation, and took our leave. We arrived home at about 8:00, stiff and sore from walking around all day on concrete, then sitting in our damp clothes for the hour ride home. Bed was a welcome relief...

It's a gorgeous autumn day today. It's about 70 degrees and, while many of the trees still have their leaves, they are turning colors quickly and in the sunlight and the heavy breeze we have today, it's just beautiful. Our little windmill out in the front garden looks like the propeller on an airplane ready to take off.

Fall's arrival always makes me sad (another year has gone by, summer's end) but I still think that it's beauty helps take some of that sadness away.


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