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Friday, May 26, 2006

Friday. FINALLY!

Seems like I live for Fridays these days.

My father got picked up yesterday by the Bath PD, for violation of the order of protection. He's now in the county jail where he will likely remain until his sentencing hearing on June 6th.

And, since he violated that order of protection, all bets are off now where the plea deal is concerned. The DA will likely take that plea deal off the table and hit him hard with a sentencing recommendation of a period longer than the agreed upon 2 years. He has only himself to blame.

But, in the meantime, as his power of attorney, I'm left to clean up the messes he left behind. He has a vehicle for sale on eBay that I don't even know the location of at this particular point in time, let alone where the title or keys to the damned thing are. Another issue is the vehicle he sold on eBay last week -- has he delivered it and resolved that situation or are there any loose ends that still need to be tied up. I also have no idea how to get into his eBay account, nor where the funds for the first vehicle are (if he's even received them yet). His bank account information that he gave me doesn't seem to work, he has a motel room that the rent was due for on Tuesday, computer equipment from Rentway that the rent was due for on Tuesday as well that is in the motel room, 110 miles from where I live. I can't talk to him or get any of this information from him without visiting him, and of course, can't visit him until Monday between 5 and 6 PM. The good news is that his time in the county lock-up will count towards his time served. His sentencing date is/was June 6th so he'll have a whopping 10 days worth of credit on his time. And, instead of 2 years' incarceration, he could well be looking at a decade or more.

We lost our reservation at Letchworth State Park for camping over the long weekend. It was my brain fart that did it. I mistakenly reserved Sunday through Tuesday instead of Saturday through Monday, and couldn't change it to the correct dates because they're jam-packed full. It's the Annual Red, White & Blue Balloon Rally and Memorial Day weekend kicks off camping season around here.

So, we decided to cancel that reservation and reserve at Newtown Battlefield State Park further south/southeast. We specifically wanted a non-electric, "rough-it" site, and found the perfect place here. We'll tent camp, cook over wood (for the most part, but also have our portable camping stove), put up a temporary shelter (using a canopy) and just living in a similar fashion to Charles Ingalls. We're not taking any entertainment other than maybe a book, MAYBE my knitting, and a deck of cards. We've set aside a piece of luaun to set between a couple of pails we're taking, to use as a table. There's plenty of history to be had there, as well as fantastic hiking trails. This was the site of the climax of the Clinton-Sullivan Campaign in 1779. We're looking forward to getting away from all the responsibilities, family issues, and home-remodeling and just getting outside and doing what WE want. What WE like to do, without it being work of any kind (other than loading/unloading the camping shit from the vehicle, of course).

We split some wood a couple of nights ago, just to make some kindling. We'll take our own wood to burn, a tent, two tarps, the camp stove, cooler with food, camera, backpacks, changes of clothes, pots for cooking, eating utensils, and a coffee percolator (for the fire). Other than that, we're traveling pretty light -- as anyone should when they camp. Otherwise, it's not really camping, is it?

Oh, yeah. We are taking the digital camera. Hopefully we'll be able to upload them to the computer (assuming the "fix" I effected works) and post them here.

Have a great holiday weekend!


  • At 5/31/2006 10:41 AM, Blogger Jenn said…

    Holy cow, Pat. I hope the time with nature gives you some peace and balance...you deserve some.

  • At 5/31/2006 11:05 AM, Blogger scribble said…

    wow, I'm just sick that all this
    falls on you to handle. I hope the
    weekend was all you needed
    it to be.
    Thinking of you.


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